Steps Alano Club in Saint Louis, MO
The Steps Alano Club (SAC), (a non-profit 501c3 organization), provides meeting space for 12 step recovery fellowships including AA, ACA, AL-ANON, CMA, CoDa, HA, NA, SAA, SCA and supports the recovering community through service and fellowship.  Founded by members of the LGBT community all persons seeking sanctuary from addiction are welcome.

Because of the committed service and financial contributions of many individuals, The Steps Alano Club is one of the nation’s most stable and attractive recovery clubhouses, and one of the most successful LGBT oriented facilities in the nation.  Led by a volunteer board of directors who are elected from the membership, the Alano Club welcomes you to our website, and invites you to find the recovery here and at meetings in our facility.

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3974 Humphrey Street is at the SE corner of Humphrey St. and Roger Place, 5 blocks (.6 mi.) south of Arsenal St. and 2 long blocks (.5 mi.) west of S. Grand Blvd.

Mailing Address:
Steps Alano Club
3974 Humphrey St
St Louis, MO 63116